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Food Processing

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Levate Global is an enterprise with vision to Build A First Class, Innovative Business In Agriculture, Food Processing and SME Consultancy That Would Generate Revenue, Reduce Food waste, Empower Local farmers and Create Employment while not only preserving but enhancing the environment in line with the sustainable development goals.

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Levate Farms is on a mission to transform agriculture by building, owning, and operating farms that grow safe and healthy food in a sustainable and socially responsible. We currently own acres of land where were engage in Vegetables, Plantain and Catfish Farming.
Food Processing
Levate Farms have evolved from owning and operating catfish and vegetable farms, to sourcing, buying and packaging fresh food items from our farms and other farmers to end users table.
We are also producers of the refreshing Juicy Zobo Drink a natural and healthy fruit and vegetable drink made with roselle leaves and fruits.
SME Consultancy
At Levate Consultancy, Our mission is to provide small and medium scale enterprises, non profit and for profit with tools, training, frameworks, and expertise to help them create and increase impact.
We achieve this by matching organizations and individual (according to their respective fields) with our in-house professionals who assist in executing their strategic plan.

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